What documents are required to visit Italy?

A passport or a valid identity document is necessary to enter Italy. Permission to stay for tourists is valid for three months; for longer periods inquiries must be made at Italian Consulates abroad.

Are Bravo Italian Tours escorted?

No. Bravo Italian Tours is geared towards "highly personalized" trips to Italy. Escorted Tours attempt to speculate on the interests and preferences of the "typical tourist." We believe that the abundance of possibilities in Italy, and the differences in people, merits a more "customized" approach.

How does Bravo Italian Tours' rates compare with other Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, and Hotels?

We work with some of the largest suppliers in Italy. What this means is that they purchase large allotments of a product or service at a significant discount to the public price. This discount is passed on to Bravo Italian Tours, and thus to our clients. We compete on service and experience, not price. If you are looking for the best deal, perhaps we are not for you.

What happens if a member of our group becomes ill, and we must cancel our trip?

Bravo Italian Tours encourages all of our clients to purchase Travel Insurance due to unforeseen circumstances. Clients can buy insurance directly from us. For a full understanding of our refund policy, please see our General Conditions.