Your Friend In Italy

Bravo Italian Tours offers bespoke travel experiences throughout Italy,
tailored to each traveler’s preferences.

When traveling to a foreign country, a great advantage for any traveler is the expertise of a friend who has traveled or lived in this land, a friend to be trusted. This is the concept upon which Bravo Italian Tours was founded. We are that knowledgeable friend.

The bilingual staff at Bravo Italian Tours have lived throughout Italy, and enjoy a passion for it’s beauty, culture and history. Bravo Italian Tours does not promote any property or service that has not been experienced first hand. Bravo Italian Tours and our trusted local partners are with you every step of the way, making sure your Italian escape is nothing short of perfect.

We also cover France. Please visit our French website at bravofrancetours.com

Ciao, I’m Douglas

When it comes to Italian travel, your options are endless, and no two trips should be the same. Whether your passion is gastronomy, history, archeology, beaches, opera, or maybe you just need to enjoy “Il dolce far niente” “the sweetness of doing nothing,” Italy possesses what you are looking for.

Your Customised Italian Vacation

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Initial Consultation


Your journey begins with a personal phone conversation to understand your preferences, goals, and budget, ensuring a trip that’s uniquely yours.

Customised Itinerary


Provided the information on our phone call, we will design a highly customised itinerary. We will pull out all the stops to ensure the vacation you envision.

Itinerary Refinement


Together, we’ll fine-tune your plan. A deposit is required for this stage, marking our formal collaboration.



We will send your Vouchers well in advance of your trip, and will schedule a call to walk through the documents together. By the time your trip arrives, you will depart for your trip stress free.

Support During Your Trip


Enjoy peace of mind knowing we’re just a call away, ready to assist and ensure a seamless experience.

Happy Travelers

Inspiring Italian Journeys

Puglia Tour

Welcome to the heel of the boot of Italy, the country’s least-exploited tourist destination. Here you will find amazing beaches on both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Puglia enjoys mesmerising Baroque architecture and fascinating accommodations that range from Trulli homes to rustic yet chic Masseria. Let’s not forget the delicious foods and wines particular to this Region. Puglia demands a spot on your Italy Travel list.

Sicily Tour with Aeolian Islands

“To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.” Goethe’s quote says it all. Sicily must be experienced as a trip unto itself. Food, wine, volcanoes, history, beaches, ruins, and on and on….Sicily has it all! Let your personal interests guide you.

The Dolomites and Verona

This Tour is for those who have been to Italy before and are looking for a new experience. An appetite for adventure and natural beauty is the only requirement. The Dolomites are a spectacle all year, but changes dramatically from season to season. In the Winter, you might choose to bring your ski gear for shredding the mountains or enjoying the trendy acres lifestyle. The rest of the year, pack your hiking boots for some vigorous and breathtaking hikes. Verona is a great destination for those looking to position themselves near Lake Garda and the Valpolicella Wine Region whilst enjoying the charm of an underrated Italian town.

Lake Como, Piedmont & Italian Riviera

A Lake, a City and a Beach…this trip has a bit of everything. Start your vacation on Bellagio “The Pearl of the Lake.” Bellagio is the perfect place to ease into your vacation. The sound of the lapping of Lake Como will put you into a “La Dolce Vita” state of mind. In Piedmont you will find a “French” vibe in the architecture and style of this underrated city. Turin is rich in both history and gastronomy. On the Riviera you will experience a dizzying introduction to the land, colours and scents of the Mediterranean!

Tuscan Countryside & Amalfi Coast

When dreaming of Italian vacations, or perhaps your future self living their best life, visions of the Tuscan countryside and the Amalfi Coast surely come to mind. This is a Program for those less interested in spending their days in Museums and churches, but instead on hilltops sampling carefully produced wines, or sipping a negroni while rocking gently with the waves upon your private boat while the Faraglioni rocks rest in the background.

The Classics (Venice, Florence & Rome)

For first timers, it is hard to go wrong with Venice, Florence and Rome. It is the water that seeps into one’s imagination when dreaming of Venice. The “Eternal City” is an outdoor museum. In no other city does the past so visibly co-exist in the present. Florence is proof that art does not exist in a vacuum. Here in the churches, palaces, and other Renaissance-era institutions we encounter art in its original setting. We will take time to experience the idyllic Tuscan countryside during this portion of your trip. The main attraction in Venice is Venice, so leave plenty of time to explore with or without a map.